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Numinous Blooms

We all have the capacity to create.

Creativity is an innate part of our being. Wait, it's even closer than that, we are creation itself.

If you look around you, where ever you are in the world you will see a great and miraculous collaboration taking place between us and the great creator of all.

Call it what you wish creation, great spirit, mama nature, god, the universe.

Whatever word you like to use to describe the unfathomable.

We are node in the divine web of creation, we cannot seperate ourselves from creation.

Creativity is as much a part of us as the blood that pumps through our veins.

So why do so many people feel that they are not creative?

There is a cultural view that creative expression only comes in certain and obvious forms like drawing, painting, or singing. We think creativity is just for artists but you can infuse creativity into anything that you do. Creativity is forward thinking and spontaneous living.

It is being in the now and opening up to the richness of every moment.

It is being receptive to adventure and possibility.

It is allowing the current of life to guide you into the unknown.

Creativity is how we evolve! It is our divine purpose as co-creators of our reality.

Let us not take for granted the miraculous capacity that we have to ponder a thought then bring that very thought into physical manifestation.

We are the infinite evolving from the celestial genesis.

We are all numinous blooms.

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