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Kundalini Yoga - Why I am only inspired by it.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Kundalini Yoga

It has been a few years since I taught a yoga class but I am feeling the call to teach again. I have been on a conflicting and maturing journey with my Kundalini yoga practise. About 10 years ago, it changed my life. I have deep gratitude for the teachings. It helped me to navigate life with a greater sense of ease and grace. It assisted me in letting go of so much of my suffering and negativity. But something about it always felt a little off to me. At times it felt a bit like a cult and the deeper I got into it the more it seemed this way. The idolisation of Yogi Bhajan (the guy who brought this style of yoga to the west) never resonated with me. When I attended a Kundalini Yoga festival there seemed to be so many rules about the way you should and shouldn’t be. The pinnacle for me was when we were asked to bow to a religious text that was in a different language. I am not into bowing down to anything unless I deeply and truly understand what it is I am bowing to and why. It all became a bit too much for me so I went for a swim in the river and it occurred to me that there was nothing more at the festival that I couldn’t learn from observing the flow of water, from observing mama nature. From just sitting back and learning from the currents of life, our greatest teacher.

I naturally distanced myself from the practise and was exploring other modalities such as Kundalini Dance and The Kundalini Activation Process. The exploration of Kundalini energy and the process of awakening was what I wanted to discover more about and I learnt so much breaking away from Kundalini Yoga. It didn’t surprise me too much to hear that many stories of sexual misconduct were starting to come out about the now passed Yogi Bhajan.

So that’s what was a bit off. It is devastating that this seems to be a common thing in the yoga world, or just in the world with people manipulating their power in this way.

As you can imagine I have been conflicted over the practise. How useful and true is the yoga practise if the man who taught it could commit such horrible behaviour? I think it is important to base what you know to be true from your direct experience and my direct experience of Kundalini yoga was deeply beneficial and life changing.

The call to teach again has been knocking on the window through my dreams and so in recent months I have been opening myself to the idea of teaching again. What will it take? What will it look like? There are parts of the practise that I feel are no longer relevant and I will be leaving behind. Even though many of the KY yogis may say you shouldn’t change the teachings. It feels true to me that some things get left behind. In a way the challenging truth of Yogi B is a blessing because it forces us as Kundalini Yoga teachers and practitioners to not just follow the teacher and teachings blindly. To ask questions of him, of the teachings, of other teachers and of ourselves. To come back to our direct experience, and our own inner wisdom.

I felt to share this as I wanted to be open and honest about my journey with Kundalini Yoga, especially with my new students.

I felt that I needed to clarify my decisions about leaving some of the elements that I find dogmatic or outdated behind. I will teach what I have a direct experience with. What I know to be potent in bringing people home to harmony and wholeness.

I am happy to answer any questions and be an open book about my journey. Perhaps I will feel differently in the future, but for now, and now is what matters most, this is my truth. Blessings.

Kundalini yoga, sunrise, numinous bloom, azari da roza
Azari sitting on a rock welcoming the dawn of the day.

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