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Cultivate - A private Yoga and Sound Journey

60min - $160 A tailored experience designed to support your specific needs. A combination of yoga, breath-work and meditation. Accompanied by a deep relaxation with crystal singing bowl, medicine drum, sacred song, Koshi chimes and Navajo Flute. This expereince is desinged to assist the life force energy to return to its natural state of flow. Whilst preparing the body to enter a theta brainwave state to rejuivenate and restore to you to a harmonic state of being. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Private 'DUET' Yoga & Sound Journey

60min - $220 Similar to a private session, however, the DUET includes the fun of sharing it with a friend, partner or co-worker and the option of combining connection practises. For more information on the practises visit the Methodology page. Popular for celebrating anniversaries or special occasions. Suitable for 2 people.

Private Group Yoga & Sound Journey

60min - $325 Organise a group yoga and sound journey at your home, office or event space. Suitable for private celebrations, corporate wellness programs, product launches or for special events. Connection practises can be combined. For more information on the practises visit the methodolgy page.

Private Group Mini Retreat

75-120min $375+ Designed to enhance group connection and harmony this mini retreat combines movement practises through yoga and dance as well as breath-work, mediation, your chosen connection practises and a live music sound journey. For more details on the connection practises visit the methodology page. Suitable for private celebrations, corporate wellness programs, product launches or for special events.

Kundalini Energy Activation

60min - $120 tailored Kundalini Yoga class that comines postures, breath-work, meditation and sound practises specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Weekly Kundalini 101

75min - $25 Join Numinous Bloom for a weekly exploration of all things Kundalini. Discover cultivation practises such as movement through yoga and dance, breath-work, meditation, sound and connection. Recieve ongoing support and connect with community. Held every Tuesday from 7-8:30pm @ The Inner Space Katoomba, 96a Camp St, Katoomba. Please wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, bring a water bottle and yoga mat.

Monthly Sanctuary of Sound

120min - $40 Sanctuary of Sound offers a 2-hour immersive experience, blending Azari & Zane's soul-nourishing live music with gentle yoga, breath-work, and meditation. SOS is an opportunity to connect with your body, calm your mind and enjoy a deep state of peace and relaxation. Be held in the vibrations of the Crystal Singing Bowl, Navajo Flute, Didgeridoo and Medicine Drum. (just to name a few). Combined with heartfelt harmonies and uplifting lyrics. The Azari was Zane experience is sure to have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  Azari & Zane have been facilitating Sanctuary of Sound events since 2017. With humble beginnings the pair held their first event in their lounge room with a few friends and family. They have evolved to sold out shows at Power Living yoga studios in Sydney and are now excited to be hosting a monthly Sanctuary of Sound event at the Inner Space in Katoomba.

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